Real Strong Woman Training Camp Byron Bay June 16 & 17 2018

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Real Strong Woman Training Camp Byron Bay, 2018

Sat & Sun,

June 16 & 17
11am - 3pm

Join champions in the field of Strongwoman and CrossFit for an empowering weekend of real training, workshops, skill development and heavy lifting experiences.

This is a unique destination Training Camp being held in Australia's most beloved beachside destination, the beautiful Byron Bay, NSW. We would personally like to extend an invitation to you to attend this exciting event.

Take this opportunity to spend a weekend in paradise, where PRs abound! Explore how to harness your own strength and power, for competition, your own personal develop or just for a badass-fun getaway shared with other RealStrongWomen!

Spend your mornings taking a beach walk, having a surfing lesson, enjoying a coffee overlooking the beach or sleeping-in….the choice is yours.

Places are limited.

Fee Includes RealStrongWoman tshirt.


Do. Not. Miss. This! 💥💪🦄 A full weekend retreat; inviting women who have lifted before, but would like to try their hand at the not always graceful art of lifting and moving awkward objects – Strongwoman. If you have never touched an Atlas stone before, or have begun but would like the chance to refine your skills, we will be covering fundamentals of many core strongwoman movements over two 5 hour sessions.

Magnificent Byron Bay, relax and get moving at the beach on both mornings, before getting stuck into the heavy stuff at Crossfit Byron Bay. Two of Stand or Submit’s coaches will be heading up from Melbourne, with a full assortment of heavy toys, to join special guest Martha Tevita (two times the strongest woman in the country) and host Amanda Allen (two time Crossfit Games Masters champion) in not only two full skill sessions, but also time spent sharing these inspiring women's insights into competing at the highest level, how they got there, and the hurdles they overcame along the way.

Day one – yoke, log, and heavy carries.
On the Saturday, we will get heavy straight up, looking at all elements of moving the yoke safely and quickly, bracing, taking off and finishing. The log is up next, where we break down the movement into 3 stages and work through how different it really is to a barbell. We finish the day with a StrongFit inspired carry session, moving kegs, sandbags, stones and dead balls aimed at both competition events, as well as accessory strength work and conditioning. If you can still walk, we will all meet up for dinner in town on Saturday night and recap the day.

Day two – circus dumbbell, stones, sled push/pulls
While everyone is still fresh in the morning, we will work with the monster DB, one of the most technical events in strongwoman. Both strength and balance and finesse are needed to hoist and maintain these overhead. Although typically last in competition, the flagship event the Atlas stone is up next, where we again break the movement down into its component parts, then work up to weight once the basics are covered. We finish the day on sled pushes and pulls!

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